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Workplace burnout

Burnout and Culture are often confused within organisations, but they are distinct experiences.

Culture is a second person/collective/shared understanding within a group. 

Burnout (stress) is first person/internal/thought or feeling. 

Can an organisation have a great culture and still have staff experiencing burnout? Yes. 

Can an organisation have a poor culture and have no staff experiencing burnout? Yes.

Burnout is caused by the mental stress an individual is experiencing - the key word being individual. No two people will do this exactly the same. The other key word is mental, meaning stress is a mental strategy that is being run internally in response to something happening outside of us. 

There are many suggestions to "fix" burnout by taking breaks or holidays. Some experts say take shorter holidays but more of them. 

Shouldn't we be individually addressing the way we process the world around us and understand how we are doing stress. What the habituated thinking styles are that cause us to react or be triggered to external events, instead of coming back from holiday's and jumping straight back into the same cycle only to keep repeating?

Our precious leave should be used for connection, reunions and new experiences, not as breaks from the grind or to simply come up for air.

Evolve Lab has the tools to deconstruct your thinking styles, your mental strategies, to get objective to what you have been subject to. We take the effects (your challenges) and we find the cause (the why) so you can be responsible (response-able) for the way you show up. 

For employers, mental stress is the leading reason for long-term absences in the workplace. Our programs are an outlet and resource for your people to develop both personally and professionally in ways that will enhance Engagement - Performance - Wellbeing, holistically.

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