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What is Developmental Coaching?

In simple terms, developmental coaching is about helping someone reach their full potential by overcoming challenges and breaking through any barriers that may be holding them back. If you're someone who feels like they have more to give but aren't sure how to take the next step, or if you're aware of patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, or relationships that are holding you back but don't know how to change them, developmental coaching could be for you. It's also a great fit for ambitious professionals who value accountability and want someone to hold a mirror up and help them grow.

If you are at all familiar with Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of Needs, Developmental Coaching is aimed at the higher levels of Self Actualisation. Where personal potential is fully realised.

So, how do our clients benefit from this type of coaching? The outcomes of developmental coaching are completely in the hands of the client, and the return on investment can be truly unlimited. Coaching is often the "planting of the seed," meaning that you continue to grow and develop long after the coaching has ended. You may not even realize the full impact of the coaching until some time in the future.

But how does it work? At Evolve Lab, we don't believe in unicorns and rainbows – just real, honest, and deep conversations that help us uncover the frames that are running the show. Personal development doesn't have to be complicated; we're just working to bring what may be sitting in your unconscious awareness into your conscious awareness. This doesn't mean you're broken or that everything that's been bothering you is your fault. It just means that having awareness gives us the incredible superpower of being able to have flexibility in our thinking styles between contexts.

For example, imagine someone who suffers from constantly second-guessing themselves because of how their actions may be perceived by others. As a result, they've never been able to reach that next level in their life, career, or business. They may be aware that they have a tendency to run a "judgment" software program in their brain, but they don't know what's causing it - so what?. This is where developmental coaching can help.

At Evolve Lab, we understand that behind every behavior is a positive intention, and that intention is often outside of our conscious awareness.

So we work with clients to dig out the beliefs, values, and frames of reference that are contributing to their surface-level problems. We may uncover a specific point in time from their younger years when they were spoken to in a certain way, or where someone reacted to something they said or did, and from that point on, they said "yes" to a belief that has been carried through life. In this case, the belief might be something like "I can't trust what others think or how they're going to react." And therefore the positive intention has been protection. To protect themselves from hurt.

Once we've identified the higher frames running the game, we can work to change the meaning of external events that trigger these limiting beliefs, values, or frames. We may also work on reframing the client's identity, or the way they see themselves, in order to create new patterns of thinking and behaving.

Developmental coaching is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, and we're committed to helping our clients achieve the outcomes they desire. If you're ready to take the next step and see what's possible, don't hesitate to book a chat to see if we can help.

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