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Elevate Your Sales with Executive Edge

Elevate Your Sales with Executive Edge

What is the goal of sales training? There could be several reasons. Most businesses say it's to improve the skills of their salespeople so that the success rate of sales increases.

It could also be to change the way your sales team engages with your target market and customers. Maybe your team is not having the right conversations with the right people, which leads to unqualified opportunities that waste time and don't result in a sale. Or perhaps there are qualified opportunities with long sales cycles due to a lack of understanding of the decision-making process.

It could also be to increase the "basket size" of your sales opportunities. Maybe you feel (or know based on data) that most of your sales opportunities are for single products, and you're not getting the pull-through of your other offerings that are more strategic and profitable. Or maybe your products are selling well, but you want to increase the uptake of one-time or ongoing services.

It could also be due to a change in the type of client you want to work with in the future. Maybe you've realised that working with fewer but higher-value clients would optimise your operations and profitability. You now want to be a business that focuses on long-term partnerships with your clients. You don't want to be seen in the market as a transactional supplier, but rather as a strategic partner and advisor to your client base.

But how do you make that shift? How do you achieve the status of strategic partner and address any or all of these pain points and initiatives?

You could try rebranding or changing your marketing messaging. You could try to upskill your salespeople to become industry experts across all the industries you interact with. You could implement the latest CRM tool for more visibility and reporting.

For us at Evolve Lab, it's about how your people show up with your clients. It's about the relationships you create with your clients through interactions and discovery. Your salespeople are the front line of your business, and the way they show up and engage with your clients is the way your business will be perceived in the market. So, to achieve change, we need to start with the way your salespeople are "showing up."

Why do we at Evolve Lab think this refreshed approach to sales is needed? We have seen SMBs and large organisations struggle with the performance of their sales teams and the result of their salespeople not aligning with the direction or objectives of their own business (misalignment).

Secondly, we have witnessed the ongoing struggle of SMBs and large business salespeople to be seen by their clients as value creators. As a result, they remain "stuck" at lower levels of a client's organisation and struggle to make progress with decision-makers or even understand what is driving their clients' business to change.

What happens then?

  • Reduced revenue and financial strain.

  • Negative impact on morale. Sales staff feel they are not able to be successful in the environment, leading to high turnover and the need for the business to reinvest in hiring and onboarding costs.

  • Decreased market share and competitive threat.

  • Damage to reputation. When unable to meet the needs of customers, a business can suffer damage to its reputation, making it difficult to attract new customers.

Why do we think this refreshed approach to sales is needed, now? Everyone is doing more with less. Your customers are busier than ever, fighting market forces they have not seen before. Some are struggling to stay relevant, while others are in such high demand that they can't get enough staff to keep up. The good news is...this is all opportunity. Opportunity to partner with your customers and deliver solutions to their biggest problems.

But what has to happen first? You need to KNOW what their biggest problems are. How they are already trying to address them, how they are trying to solve them, and what they are willing to do to solve them. You need to be strategic and curious in your approach, not transactional. Eager to learn what is driving your client to change.

This is where Executive Edge comes in. It is a sales training program designed to elevate your sales team to the next level. It focuses on the way your team shows up with your customers and helps them create long-term, strategic partnerships. It addresses the pain points mentioned above and gives your team the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Without having to have Executive level experience or intimate industry knowledge.

We have surveyed decision-makers across industries and asked them what really matters when engaging with a salesperson and what the difference makes the difference is in a strategic partner. Along with our decades of experience in B2B sales and relationship management, Evolve Lab has developed the Executive Edge program to equip your Sales team with the know-how to:

  • Understand their clients like they never have before

  • Hold discovery conversations with Senior Managers and Executives

  • Been seen as a strategic partner who wants to add long-term value

  • Have a simple and effective way of producing an account plan that removes all the complexity and empowers the client to be involved in the process

  • Produce a unique view of the client that invites opportunities for your full suite of offerings and match them directly to the client's needs

  • Create truly qualified opportunities leaving your salespeople and clients on the same page while shortening sales cycles and boosting efficiency.

Don't let your sales team get left behind in today's fast-paced, competitive market. Invest in their development and watch your business soar.

If you are a Sales Leader with a Team of Account Managers/Executives, Business Development Managers, or Sales Specialists, or you are starting a sales division and want to stand out in your market from Day 1, contact us to learn more about Executive Edge and how it can benefit your organisation.

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