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developmental integral coaching

Mental Skills & Developmental Coaching

Become the architect of your life.

Leading edge integral developmental & transformational coaching integrated with artificial intelligence

"Our way of being and showing up in the world is influenced by the Programs that are installed to run our mind. These programs were installed at an early age, meaning they are not even current. Imagine running decades-old programs on your computer or apps on your phone. They wouldn't work very well. They would not serve you or provide much protection. So, we constantly update these programs to the latest and most relevant ones to serve us better, do more, and remain protected. And it's easy because these updates are brought into our awareness for us via notifications. 

Coaching is your personal notification system. The 'pop-up' you have never had. Coaching addresses the programs that are running your mind at examines their effectivness relative to the contexts of your life. Giving you the awareness and choice to finally delete old programs, upgrade them, or install brand new ones."

Why coach with evolve Lab?

Personal & Professional Development

Development does not have to be complicated. Developmental Coaching will facilitate you becoming objective to what you have been subject to. Once objectivity and awareness have been achieved, new choices become available, leading to different responses and behaviors in the world. That is development.

Identity Compass

An leading edge artificial intelligence profiling tool that will reveal your Cognitive Intentions and the Inner Game that is determining your Outer Game. With this level of precise insight about YOU, the Identity Compass aids the coaching process to identify your patterns and leverage points for change and growth.

Unfolding with Compassion

We understand that what has led you to us has been with you for some time - maybe a lifetime. Or, what you are trying to achieve has seemed out of reach - driving you to blame yourself or others. We honour the courage to take action and hold the space and compassion as your unfolding begins.

An Integral Approach

evolve Lab adopts a wide range of methodologies to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach for every client. By integrating Integral Theory, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Constructed Development Theory, and the Identity Compass, our coaching provides a distinct and all-encompassing experience tailored to each individual.

What can you expect?

Are you feeling stuck and unsure of your next steps, or searching for that next breakthrough? Do you know exactly what's been holding you back, but don't have the right outlet to discuss and explore it? As an ambitious professional or entrepreneur, do you value having someone hold up a mirror to you, helping to identify and reduce your blindspots?


Our developmental coaching is here to support you in creating and producing the change you want to see in your life. We'll work together to clear out what's not serving you, so you can show up in the way you want and achieve your goals with confidence

Increased self-awareness

By further understanding how your mind works and the patterns you use to think, you will begin to develop the ability to control your responses, manage your emotions and expand your perspectives

Clarity and Intention

Are you someone with a 'busy mind'? Often finding your thoughts anchored in the past or future? By clearing unresourceful thoughts, beleifs, memories, you can become clear on where to focus your ATtention and have that governed by INtention

Expanded Perspectives

Expanding perspectives is part of the maturation process. Having limited perspectives can be the cause of ongoing frustration and conflict particualry in relationships. Expanding perspectives can greatly improve your ability to relate with others.

Improved Performance

By doing the work of waking up to your patterns and clearing up what is not longer needed, the path to realising your potential becomes clearer. You will gain the flexibility to adjust your thinking to the context you are in to thrive as a human being.

Surfing a Big Wave

"Coaching with Evolve Lab, especially using the Identity Compass tool, has been a game-changer for me. It helped me understand my patterns and thinking styles like never before. I could finally see the things I've been putting myself through and focus on making meaningful changes in my life. Being an Entrepreneur, it's vital for me to recognise any biases and be better for my Clients, staff, and partners. This whole experience has been like finding hidden treasures!"

Sarah, Entrepreneur & Director

Identity Compass 

Your GPS for personal and professional growth. Find position and set direction.

Coaching with evolve Lab includes access to the Identity Compass tool - an innovative personality profiling tool that identifies core thinking structures, outputting an individual's signature thinking styles.

The Compass will reveal which cognitive intentions you are preferencing in your thinking and likely running outside of your awareness. Having this data means being able to objectively point and bring awareness to leverage points of change which could lead to your most profound shifts in what you NEED to get what you WANT.

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