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Coaching in organisations

 Workplace Coaching

A human-centric approach to developing your people

In the era of "AI everything," the true competitive advantage for Leaders and Organisations lies in Emotional Intelligence. It's not just a skill, it's the strategic edge that fosters resilience, collaboration, and human-centric innovation.

Step into

The third space between work and home for your people to work on their developmental needs. The LAB is where the individual is the subject, and experimentation occurs to develop new ideas, behaviours, and strategies leading to evolving personal and professional lives. AI data is used to aid the coaching process and drive continuous improvement by showing the individual what they need to address developmentally to achieve their desired outcomes or overcome their challenges.


  • Free intake session per employee to take-in their desires, needs and Coaching topic/s.

  • 3-month Coaching Program cycle per employee. Sessions are booked by the employee when it suits them.

  • One Identity Compass profile per employee to expose the operating system behind the actions and behaviours.

  • Outcomes that improve engagement, performance, and wellbeing for the individual across all areas of life and work.

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Introducing a Coaching Culture in your organisation

Introducing a Coaching Culture in an organisation offers a supportive environment where staff and leaders can gain a deeper insight and understanding of their strengths and areas for opportunity. Coaching your people to their developmental needs offers a fresh and innovate approach to the services you can offer to address the engagement, performance, and wellbeing of your team - holistically.

As organisations navigate the post-pandemic workplace and the changes that have followed, particularly the blurred lines between professional and personal lives, it has become clear that employees in the modern workplace are placing greater value on purpose than pay check. So how do you address the needs of the modern worker to ensure engagement, performance, and wellbeing?

Coaching offers an experience that is distinct from other traditional modalities and fields. A Coaching Culture leverages effective coaching practices to enable leaders and managers to maximise the potential of their teams.


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Introducing a Coaching Culture with evolve Lab

Coaching Culutre


Engaged employees see opportunities for development and remain at organisations. Engaged employees take an active role in driving change and contributing to the company vision. 


High performing employees feel they have clarity in their roles and feel supported and encouraged by the organisation to achieve success and continous improvement.


Healthy people mean a healthy business. Workplace wellbeing plays a critical role in maintaining mental health. Healthy employees bring their whole selves to work, understand balance, and avoid burnout. 

Human Centric

Why is Coaching needed within organisations?

Are you prepared to elevate your business with a modern company culture that meets your clients' and employees' expectations?

Change & Complexity

There is unprecedented change happening within industries which is forcing organisations to respond through fundamental changes. Staff and Leaders are having to navigate this change and embrace complexity with limited support.

Stress and Burnout

Burnout is at an all time high and is the biggest cause of long-term employee absences and mental health issues. evolve Lab has the tools to detect the thinking styles that cause burnout and help the individual to adjust.

Human Transformation

Organisations are focussed on digital transformation or other fundamental change programs, what about human transformation? There is limited opportunities for employees to focus on their development and reaching their full potential.  

Attract and Retain key people



The skills shortage problem is getting bigger and the talent pool is getting smaller. Organisations are looking for innovative ways to invest in their people and future leaders.  

For Staff

Invest in your mental develoment

Coaching is a space to develop-mentally. Achieve vertical growth through building the skills of thinking about your thinking, taking multiple perspectives, and responding in the moment contextually.

Adapt to change and set well-formed goals

Set well-formed goals for your growth and career progression. Use the Identity Compass tool to objectively see how your inner mental game needs to adjust to achieve your goals and adapt to ongoing change.


Burnout and Mental Health challenges come from stress. By bringing your professional and personal challenges to coaching, you will gain newfound clarity and self-awareness of what actions and resources are required to overcome your challenges and stop the suffering.

For Leaders

Understand your people

Understand your people like never before. Know how your people perceive the world and information, what they value and how they motivate themselves, and how they use motivation.  With this gift of knowledge you can lead more effectively and get the most out of your people.

Thriving in a time of change

Leading through times of significant change can be challenging. Coaching is a resource for you and your people to leverage during these times to start viewing change as an opportunity not an opponent through a thought provoking and creative process.

Elevate your company culture

Imagine your team showing up with renewed passion and taking ownership of their work with confidence. Imagine everyone knowing how they contribute to the common goals and success of the business. This positivity will define your organisational culture. 

Identity Compass 

Your GPS for personal and professional growth. Find position and set direction.

Coaching with evolve Lab includes access to the Identity Compass tool - an innovative personality profiling tool that identifies core thinking structures, outputting an individual's signature thinking styles.

The Compass reveals which cognitive intentions someone is preferencing in their thinking and likely running outside of their awareness. Having this data means being able to objectively point and bring awareness to leverage points of change which could lead to profound shifts for the individual.

Leaders can use this data to understand and relate to their people like never before including how they perceive the world, what they value and how they are motivated, and how they process information.

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