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Changing for success as a leadership and business change through innovation and evolution
developmental integral coaching
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Jared Hastings

Developmental & Mental Skills Coach / Trainer

Welcome to evolve Lab! My purpose in creating this platform is to empower individuals and teams to unlock their potential by accessing the resources they need to evolve. My view?, we all have what it takes already within us, but it is the getting out of our own way that can be the difficult part.

To evolve, we must disrupt ourselves—our thinking, our meanings, and the way we show up by recoding our mental models. In the business world, failing to disrupt leads to the eventual death of the organisation. For individuals, the stakes are even higher. Without self-disruption, we risk never reaching our full potential. We stay the same.

The world is rapidly changing and bringing with it the paradoxical realisation that we have access to more external resources than ever before. Modern technology for example, has allowed us to do wonderful and amazing things, yet mental health illness, stress, and burnout are all on the rise.


I intentionally create a supportive space for people to unfold. Whether that is one-on-one Developmental Coaching or team training. I am passionate about helping people address their inner game so they can live their lives by design instead of by default. 

I have over 15 years of experience in the Technology sector spanning from large multi-nationals to start-up businesses. I am a certified Developmental Integral Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. These skills and experience are what I bring to the services offered at evolve Lab.

Please go ahead and book a chat if you would like to discuss the transformational services offered by evolve Lab.

Jared Hastings

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